"Always Came Through"

We  encountered lots of challenges with problems with our house, with the   insurance company, and with outdated code issues, but Norman always   came through. Norman worked with us every step of the way, including   guiding us in dealing with the insurance company.  We now wake up every  morning to a beautiful, safe, and comfortable home.  Norman  demonstrated numerous strengths through our process. He  understands  local codes, architectural and structural principles, has an  excellent  sense of aesthetics, has high standards, works hard, and  takes personal  pride in his work. If something goes wrong, he fixes it.  If he doesn’t  know something, he does the research to find out  solutions.  

"Job Was Perfect"

Great work, took the time to do exactly what I asked. Always on time and kept work area clean. Amazing work ethic, made sure job was perfect! Will use again. 

"Going To Be Honest"

I  trust [Norman] and I respect him... he’s going to give it to you  straight up ... he’s not going to tell you things that aren’t true. If   you need it then he’s going to be honest with you about it. He’s not   going to sell you something you don’t need. He’s not one of those people.  

"Serious About Ethics"

Norm  responded on the same day to my request for an estimate to rebuild a  porch. He was informative about the dangerous situation in which my  house was left by a contractor who walked off the job. He presented me  an estimate that same evening... Two evenings later, he came back to  stabilize the porch until he is able to start the project. Norm is very  serious about meeting codes and about the ethics of construction work.  But he also has a great sense of humor and is most enjoyable to chat  with. 

"Ended Up Like Family"

Norman  had told us when we first hired him, that in his experience,   contracting clients ended up being like family, and he was right.  Someone working on your home when you are living in it requires a  degree  of closeness and boundaries. We have come to rely on him, and we  feel connected to him and his family.