About Us

Our Summary


Jacques  Builders is a fine carpentry business with over 30 years of diversified experience. Starting in the construction industry in 1988, Norman Jacques went on to establish Jacques Builders in Western Massachusetts in 1992 and has spent the past 20 years growing to hundreds of customers throughout the state. We currently service all of  Massachusetts in every aspect of the carpentry trade. 

Our  clients choose us because they are looking for the best quality  workmanship with outstanding customer service. Whether it be for home or  business, we are focused on working with our customers to make their  ideas a reality. Our goal is to give our customers peace of mind through  a relationship built on trust, with an experience so unique  they will  become lifelong friends and colleagues. 

Our Mission


We, at Jacques Builders, promise to provide professional quality workmanship that will reflect your values and personality.  

“We  treat our customers the way we want to be treated. Honesty and  integrity are characteristics that we require in our employees. This is  our way of life and the only way that we will do business. Our time is  your money, and we don’t want to waste either.”

Jacques  Builders is a company that provides its customers with quality,   service and value that exceeds all expectations. Our low pressure sales  make our customers feel comfortable discussing their dreams and turning  them into a reality.